Gambling in Alabama: Online Casinos in 2023

The state of Alabama in the United States is similar to the majority of others in that there are no clear rules either for or against gambling at online casinos. While it could appear that playing at online casinos in Alabama is legal, and some sites even direct users to “legal offshore online casino websites,” we advise residents of Alabama to err on the side of caution and refrain from engaging in any online gambling activities.

The Best Reviews of Alabama Online Casinos

Alabama, a state in the southeastern United States, is well-known for its staunch opposition to gambling. To be more specific, the Indian Regulatory Act of 1988 established the legal framework for tribally-operated casinos in Alabama, which are the only legal type of land-based gaming in the state. Things have been slowly changing over the years, though. For instance, certain jurisdictions decriminalized charitable bingo and pull-tab games in 2007 and now permit Daily Fantasy Sports in 2019. These two alternatives are in addition to the handful of completely legal gambling options already available to Alabama residents, such as pari-mutuel gambling and betting on horse and dog races. If you live in or are planning a trip to Alabama and are interested in trying out any of the state’s legal online casinos, keep reading! We remind everyone to play responsibly and within the law wherever they may be.

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The Status of Land-Based and Online Gambling in Alabama

The state of Alabama has some of the most stringent anti-gambling laws in the United States, making most forms of gambling either illegal or difficult to access. There isn’t even a state lottery, as the last attempt to create one was shot down by 54% of voters in 1999. Since Alabama’s gambling laws were drafted in 1901, before the widespread availability of the internet, the state has no regulations pertaining to online gambling. However, under Alabama law, using a laptop as a gambling instrument and participating in unlawful gambling enterprises are both prohibited. Playing at Alabama Online Casino puts you at risk because the state does not license or regulate online casinos, and it is unlawful to run a gambling website in Alabama. Having said that, if you are over 21, you can legally participate in several forms of gambling in the state of Alabama.

The federal government officially acknowledges tribal sovereignty over gaming operations on tribal grounds thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians is one such group; they operate casinos in Atmore, Montgomery, and Wetumpka, all of which go by the moniker The Wind Creek. Because of Alabama law, none of these establishments provide “table games” like blackjack or poker; instead, they are all “Class II” casinos. However, these do provide access to electronic bingo games for individuals 21 and older.

Bingo and pull-tab games are now lawful in several jurisdictions thanks to a 2007 decision that legalized charitable gambling.

According to state law in Alabama, localities with 300,000 or more residents can hold a referendum to legalize horse racing. However, with a 2018 population of 209,880, Birmingham is Alabama’s largest city. (unless you count its suburbs). Additionally, there are 0 active horse racing facilities in the state. However, betting on horses on the internet is permitted in Alabama, and there are currently three major race betting companies serving the state: BetAmerica,, and Bets can be placed in the same manner as at a physical track, and viewers can watch live horse races on their computers or mobile devices. If your wager with one of these legal bookmakers is successful, you will receive payment at full track odds.

Greyhound racing is outlawed in at least 39 states, yet Alabama is home to two dog racing tracks (one near Birmingham and another near Mobile). These can be wagered on in any city with a population of 300,000 or more, or anywhere online. However, more and more states are banning this practice because to worries over animal cruelty, so it is likely on its way out.

With the passage of HB-361 in 2019, the state of Alabama once again permits Daily Fantasy Sports, which had been outlawed in 2016. Players use their creativity and reasoning to form “teams” consisting of fictional athletes from various real-world sports organizations, much like in other fantasy sports. There are now two major providers of this service in the state. There are a lot of people participating in each of these by contributing a few bucks, so the prize pool for the winners might be substantial.

Alabama also has laws that prohibit social gambling. As it stands, social gambling that benefits neither the player nor the host is permissible and legal; nevertheless, don’t go overboard; even home-based card games have reportedly been raided. Meanwhile, while genuine coin-operated games or devices designed to amuse or delight the player are permitted, you shouldn’t expect to win much. Having said that, social casinos are not illegal places to play real-money casino games with pals. (though caution is advised).

Gamblers can easily cross into neighboring Mississippi, which is home to 30 casinos, from the southern section of Alabama. However, before visiting Mississippi, you should familiarize yourself with the state’s gambling and online casino laws to avoid breaking any of them.

Today’s Legal Gambling Operations in Alabama

Position, Attractions, and Size of the Casino

Shorter Bingo at VictoryLand, with Simulcast 3200 Slots

Wetumpka, Alabama’s Wind Creek Casino & Hotel offers Bingo, Shops, and 2500 Slot Machines.

Slot Machines & Bingo at Wind Creek Hotel in Montgomery

The 15 Tables and 130 Slot Machines of the Mobile Fantasy Casino on the Carnival Cruise Liner.

Birmingham’s Greenetrack features Bingo, Simulcast 300 Slot Machines, and Horse Racing.

Laws Regarding Internet Gambling in Alabama

There is no clear legal stance on online gambling in Alabama, making it something of a legal limbo. However, due to the state’s stance on most types of gambling, we recommend staying away from Alabama online casinos while in the state. This includes blackjack and poker, both of which are outlawed, as well as the state lottery. While Alabama has strong gambling laws, some forms of gaming are permitted. For instance, pari-mutuel facilities are completely within the law, and recent legislative amendments have made it possible for charitable gambling and Daily Fantasy Sport to be conducted lawfully within the state’s borders. However, proponents of legislation legalizing Daily Fantasy Sports said that the practice is more about talent than gambling. This may pave the way for the eventual legalization of casino games and other skill-based games, but for the time being, this is not the case.

What do I need to know about Alabama online casinos?

Land-based casinos and other types of gambling in Alabama are subject to stringent legal regulations.

While it is true that Alabama does not have any laws explicitly prohibiting or allowing internet gambling, this does not make it lawful to play at an online casino located within the state.

Several forms of online gambling, such as pari-mutuel betting on dog and horse races, gambling for charitable purposes, and Daily Fantasy Sports, have been approved by the state of Alabama over the years. Online bingo is also offered by tribal casinos that can be found on tribal territory.

The legal gambling age in Alabama is 19, but 21 is required to bet in tribal casinos.

What Alabama’s Gamblers Need to Know About International Gambling Laws

It’s possible to get recommendations to play at offshore casinos if you do a web search for information on whether or not it’s legal to gamble online for real money in Alabama. As we’ve seen, there are no regulations either for or against internet gambling in the state of Alabama, but it doesn’t mean you should gamble at offshore casinos if you happen to be a resident or visitor to the “Heart of Dixie.”

Even in tribally owned and -run casinos, table games like blackjack and poker are prohibited under the state’s stringent laws governing land-based casinos. Therefore, it is safe to presume that most casino games, whether online or otherwise, are not available, despite the fact that there are now specific laws either condoning or denouncing such activity at Alabama online casinos. However, there are other forms of gambling that are permitted in Alabama.

For example:

The 1971 legitimization of pari-mutuel betting on canine and horse racing. Read our piece on the legal status of brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos in Alabama for more details.

Alabama’s Indian-owned casinos have electronic Bingo games on tribal territories.

Every day sports fantasy.

Gambling for a good cause.

Alabama’s Online Gambling Payment Options

Since there are no legal or regulated online casinos in Alabama, we have no way of knowing which methods of payment are most popular there. If you are located outside of Alabama and would still like to play for real money online, you need first make sure that your favorite site accepts a method of payment that you are comfortable with.

Online Gambling Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Alabama resident legally gamble online?

Alabama has some of the tightest rules governing gambling in the United States, which is to be expected given the state’s reputation for conservatism on this issue. Alabama’s gambling rules were drafted before the widespread use of the internet, so it’s unclear whether or not it’s allowed to gamble online there for real money. Because of this, many gamblers falsely believe that it is perfectly legal to participate in online casino games. To be on the safe side and within the law is our recommendation. Pari-mutuel betting, Daily Fantasy Sports, and electronic bingo are all offered at Alabama’s tribal casinos, which are housed entirely within the jurisdiction of the respective tribes. There is no clear legal precedent for deeming any other form of online gambling to be acceptable or legal.

Is it possible to use a mobile device to access an online casino in Alabama?

Despite having some of the nation’s strictest gambling restrictions, Alabama’s legal code remains largely mute on the topic of online gambling within the state. The state also does not endorse or provide licenses for internet gaming sites within its borders at this time. As a result, it’s safe to assume that Alabama residents can’t legally access online casinos. Despite this, some sites allow you to play your favorite casino games for free and in social settings, without the need to wager real money. Although using these is not against the law, it is wise to play it safe by reading the sites’ policies before signing up.

Can you tell me about the gambling options at Alabama’s online casinos?

You cannot play your favorite casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, online poker, Texas Hold’em, or video poker for real money in Alabama because there are no state-licensed internet casinos in the state. However, you may enjoy some of these games without risking any cash by visiting a social casino. While casinos are unavailable, there are still opportunities to gamble for real money in the state of Alabama. Pari-mutuel wagering, Daily Fantasy Sports, and electronic bingo are just some of the games that may be played within the safe boundaries of Alabama’s tribal casinos.

Is the US dollar accepted in online casinos?

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware are the only states that have legalized and regulated online casinos within their borders, and these casinos exclusively accept the US dollar. However, it is not explicitly lawful to play on sites that are registered outside of Alabama’s borders. Check with the sites directly to determine which currencies the specific sites accept before joining up if you want to play with Dollars and live in a state or nation that legalizes online gambling.

Is there oversight of these internet casinos in Alabama?

Every online casino we recommend is 100% reputable, secure, and compliant with all applicable laws and industry standards.

Can I get an online gambling bonus at a casino in Alabama?

Where you place your bets online is the deciding factor. We recommend that before you click “Accept” on any website’s terms and conditions, you read them carefully and make sure you understand them.

Where do I sign up with an online casino in Alabama to play with actual money?

We advise against playing for real money at any online casino, as there are currently no laws in Alabama that make use of Alabama online casinos lawful. However, pari-mutuel betting, charitable gambling, horse and dog racing, and Daily Fantasy Sports are all legal in Alabama if you prefer to gamble with actual cash.

Which options are most frequently used by Alabama gamblers at online casinos?

There is no reliable information on which online casino payment methods are most popular in Alabama because there are no state licensed or regulated online casinos in the state. Check the site’s banking options and wagering requirements before signing up for a legitimate gambling service like the racing betting sites we highlighted above.

In Alabama, do I have to pay taxes on money I won from gambling?

Income from gaming is subject to federal taxation, just as other forms of income. Whether you win $10 at the slots or $2,000 at the poker table, you must declare the money to the proper authorities. Your winnings are added to your regular income from work and other sources, and then taxed at your standard rate (2%, 4%, or 5%, respectively).

Win Big When You Participate in Online Alabama Casino Gambling for Actual Cash!

We hope this article has shed some light on the regulations that apply to online casinos in Alabama. Keep yourself safe, play fair, and don’t break any local laws, as these are always our top priorities.

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